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foldable and portable massage chair at discountFinding the right discounted portable massage chairin the competitive and saturated massage market is usualy a difficult task. After many years of hard work and research we have found the right resources with the best prices and products. Discount Portable Massage Chairs sells and distributes some of the markets highest quality and most advanced, durable and effective dicount portable massage chairs available. Discount Portable Massage Chairs top 2 resources is Earthlite and Stronglite. Earthlite and Stronglite has been setting the massage industry's standards for over 20 years. With Earthlite and Stronglite's many styles and accessories to choose from finding the discount portable massage chair your looking for is easy. Discount Portable Massage Chair has written a massage chair review for everyone that maybe interested.

The Travelmate desktop discount portable massage chair is made up of the top half of a massage chair. The travelmate was designed to site on a table, counter, desk or any other flat elevated surface. Once the travelmate is setup the client is seated in any type of chair you provide in front of it, this is ideal for clients in wheelchairs. The travel mate is very light and easy to transport and setup. With the travelmate discount portable massage chair it's easy for massage therapist to take their work with them just about anywhere. The travelmate discounted massage chair weighs only 9 pounds, offers quick adjustment, is easy to transport and is very affordable.

While making your final decision on which discounted and portable massage chair to choose, one of the most important things to consider is how easy and how long it takes to setup, how light and compact it is and if you can get right to work with it. Other important things to consider is how you will transport your massage chair, the comfort of your customers, convenience, accessibility, movement and durability. Stonglite and Earthlite both have excellent track records in all of these areas. The Avilla II discount portable massage chair by Earthlite and the Ergo-Pro discounted portable massage chair by Ergo-Pro offers all the new up-to-date features.

Featured Discounted Portable Massage Chair:

Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair

Weights only 15 pounds
Holds up to 300 pounds
Comfortable Cushioning
Limited Lifetime Warranty

discounted portable massage chair

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